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New CAN Capital Survey Results Show Small Business Owners Confident in the Future

May 27, 2021

[Kennesaw, GA] – New data released today by CAN Capital, Inc., a provider of access to working capital for small and medium sized businesses, shows business owners have a sense of confidence for the future after the COVID-19 crisis.

Polling more than 400 U.S. small business owners across 49 states, the research reveals the majority of small business owners believe their business’ future is bright. Specifically, 79% of respondents feel at least somewhat confident in their business’s future, with 54% responding they are very confident.

The data also shows that 74% of these businesses are currently either fully or partially open and for those that are partially open, 68% expect to be fully operational within 60 days. In fact, 37% of respondents in the survey never released any of their employees and 36% plan to hire back all employees that were released due to the crisis.

The research also shows 81% of small business owners feel access to working capital will be more difficult after the crisis. However, 82% of the respondents say they will invest in their businesses within nine months with 44% planning to invest immediately.

“The overwhelmingly positive sentiment displayed by these business owners was a bit surprising but extremely encouraging”, said CAN Capital VP of Marketing, Russell Walraven. “The confidence in the future of their business shows just how resilient and dedicated these business owners are to weathering this unprecedented storm.”

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